Dictionarist as a language tool


Dictionarist is a language tool resembling a Swiss army knife: It’s a free online talking dictionary which provides translation in 20 languages.

This cool language tool translates to and from English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. When combined, this makes over 60 translation options (English to French, French to English, Spanish to Turkish, Turkish to Spanish etc.).

Dictionarist provides example sentences in English dictionaries, you can use it to see how to use phrases in different sentences.

Dictionarist also pronounces the words in all these dictionaries. If you have ever wondered how a German would pronounce the word gesamtkunstwerk, click the image of the speaker next to the word and a German gentleman speaks.

Dictionarist also has a chrome plug-in with double-click functionality to view the translations in the pop up dictionary.

When you even double-click on a inflected forms of a word such as “knives”, Dictionarist can detect the root word “knife”. Not only in English, in all 20 languages.

Here is the basic link.

This is a guest post by Ugur Catak.