Cyclists and their salmoning

Last week, I had a narrow miss myself when left turning across fast traffic at night, and an amateur biker darted in from the wrong way from the dark, almost getting hit. He cursed me, but when I stopped to assure no collision had occurred, he seemed more apologetic.

Seriously, many amateur bikers do not realize how difficult it will be for drivers to see them in time.  Pedestrians are moving slowly (although joggers could be moving quickly) and can claim right of way in crosswalks and many situations. But cyclists are often moving at least 20 mph, close to the speed of a car. There is no time for drivers to see them from the wrong direction.

Yet, some amateur bikers talk as if they are on the moral high ground (having no empathy for driver exposure to liability as well as there own safety), and that people shouldn’t drive at all, and that life involves taking risks for some common good.  I mention this as an attitude of many boys in section 3 of Chapter 1 of my DADT-1 book.

Bikers often run red lights, meaning they have to be passed multiple times when otherwise riding legally with traffic.

Here are a few references(bikeeasy, Bicyclesafe, npr), especially on the topic of “salmoning” or wrong-war riding for convenience.  Note the other terms, like “shoaling”.

Here’s an earlier legacy posting of mine, that cyclists should follow the same rules as motor vehicles. Note the Washington Post comments.

(Posted: Monday, Nov. 20, 2017 at 9:30 PM EST)

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