Don’t honk at drivers who resist turning right on red; you can’t see all the hazards yourself

Here’s some more stuff on safe driving.

At some intersections in northern Virginia, right turn on red is permitted (or not forbidden by sign) but obviously dangerous as obstacles block sight of oncoming vehicles at higher speeds (allow speed limit plus 10).  Furthermore, at some intersections, pedestrian traffic is heavy and wrong way bicycle traffic (however illegal) happens.

So sometimes I do not turn on red.  And drivers behind honk, even though they cannot see around the corners.

Yesterday I had an occasion where a driver honked continuously and tried to run me off the road after I turned when it turned green.

There are discussions about this problem online, such as on Reddit. No, I’m not using my smartphone. No, it’s not “stupid” to ignore the “protection” of a left-turning vehicle from the other direction, because that driver doesn’t necessarily check the lane closest to me (and could come into my lane).

Driver should no that a driver in front of them is not legally obligated to turn right on red, and may see dangers that “you” can’t see,

One time in Minneapolis, a driver passed me to turn right when I didn’t turn and the cops immediately stopped him.

There’s another issue: slow driving in the left lane.  Agreed.  One shouldn’t do it.  But in this area there are many situations where traffic merges in from the left (one of the most notorious is from the center median rest areas on I-95 in northern Maryland).  Then the driver in heavy traffic cannot get up enough speed to move over quickly.  Many drivers don’t reduce speed even when they see a driver needs to merger.

There seems to be an attitude that some combativeness in driving (like in cycling) is necessary and somehow virtuous.

One other suggestion:  communities should increase the green light delay time (or increase the yellow time) on very wide intersections.  This might have prevented the fatal crash in Florida involving Venus Williams.

If you’re in the UK or Commonwealth country (other than Canada) and drive on the left, then this blog post applies to left turners.

(Posted: Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 6 PM EST)

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