Trump presidency, alt-right influence could send US into fascism if a “singularlity” happens (hint: DPRK)

Sean Illing has an interview on Vox, with Christopher Browning, professor emeritus of history at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (“UNC”), author of the Holocaust study “Nazi Policy, Jewish Policy, German Killers”. The title of his article is itself eye-catching: “Comparing the alt-right to Nazism may be hyperbolic, but it’s not ridiculous”.

The interview does maintain that any comparison of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler is misleading, because Trump does not have a well thought out ideology at all.  He sells what will attract a base, like a true huckster out of the movie “100 Mile Rule” (that is, “Always Be Closing”). Judging from the Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape in 2016, Trump may indeed follow that “rule”.

The other big comparison is that the civilian population in Germany had gone through multiple catastrophes in Germany with the loss of World War I, the reparations, and the hyperinflation. (Think Venezuela today.) No such widespread hardship exists yet for American civilians.  Indeed, there is gross inequality, of wealth as well as income, and I would say of cognitive fit into society. To do well today, you have to learn abstract thinking (like in Object Oriented software).  A lot of people don’t learn how to do that.

The one factor that could throw us over the waterfall is a singularity: a sudden unprecedented disaster, dwarfing 9/11.  North Korea right now is the most likely to cause that risk. It could occur as a nuclear blast (or more than one) from a DPRK missile getting through defense to reach an American city, or from an EMP attack (especially E1). That could leave Trump in a position to act as a true dictator, even with martial law.  That’s the main reason this article is important now.

I’ll add that I had a meeting this morning in which a salesperson for a media company told me he has a Faraday shield in his home.  The word is getting around.  There continues to be a big crack in the media coverage of this issue.

That brings up another topic, “decoupling”, which Vox recently covered in another article by Yochi Dreazan.  Because I had mentioned this concept (without name) in connection with my own military service during the Vietnam era, I have covered it on my book-related DADTNotes blog here.

Yet, there are encouraging signs, at least from Mike Pence, that the US might be able to start talks with North Korea, with fewer preconditions about nukes (Post article).  But Will Ripley reports on even new objections to the sanctions.

Getting back to Trump, I’ll share another article, from TruthOut, where Mark Karlin interview Mark Bray about Antifa, “At It’s Core, Anti-Fascism is Self-Defense”.  Look at also this article, “The Ghost of Fascism“,  by Henry Giroux on benign complicity.

This morning, CNN aired the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings (while I was in the meeting mentioned above).  Diane Feinstein got Pompeo to say that the US is uncertain as to whether Kim Jong In gets reliable information from his own fearful military about US intentions; but most of the sensitive discussions were going to be held in classified settings this afternoon, where it sounded like they would talk about decoupling.  There was also a lot of discussion of the continued expectation of Russian meddling and use of social media as a propaganda tool (as if citizens can’t be more responsible for interpreting what the see).

In closing, this video is especially important, right around 4:50.  Note the emphasis on the manifest destiny of the group as opposed to the individual, but this can lead to both fascism and communism.

Note how she pitches VirtualShield and VPN.

(Posted: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 2 PM EST)

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